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What products can I
recycle with Eco-Peinture ?

Before returning your product to one of our depots, make sure that it is accepted by the paint recovery program, that it is in its original container with the label and that it is properly closed to avoid spills.

Accepted products

Peintures résidentielles

Residential paints Paints and primers (latex, alkyd, and enamel), paints for metal and anti-corrosive, aluminum paints, melamine paints, pool paints and marine paints without antifouling agent

Peintures en aérosol

Spray paints General purpose, industrial use, automotive, artistic purpose and lumber marking

Teinture intérieures et extérieures liquides

Interior and exterior liquid stains


Protectors Wood finishes, masonry, driveway sealers and restorers (water-based only), varnishes, lacquers and protective oil

Contenant et aérosols de peinture vides

Empty paint containers and aerosols

Rejected products

Peintures industrielles

Industrial paints Industrial primers and paints, traffic paints and dryfall paints

Peintures automobiles

Automotive paints

Produits à usage spécialisé

Paints for specialized use Artistic paints, antifouling paints, 2-component epoxies and wood preservatives containing pesticides

Produits connexes à la peinture

Paint related products Removers, thinners and diluents

Autres produits

Other products Grouts, plasters, cement, cement, plastic wood, cladding products, glues, adhesives, roof and foundation products or coatings, cleaners and polishes, unidentified containers or without a label, etc.


Please note: not all paints are accepted by the Eco-Peinture recovery program.

Accepted products are architectural paints. This type of paint is used by most people for their residential renovation work. It can be latex, alkyd, metal, oil, or melamine paints, as well as varnishes or stains. Before you go to one of our drop-off points, make sure you are familiar with our program’s list of accepted and refused products.


All spray paint containers and content can be recovered!

Aerosol containers used for some paints are made of steel and are 100% recyclable. All types of aerosol paint, regardless of use, are accepted by our program:

  • General use
  • Industrial
  • Automobile
  • Art paint
  • Wood marking

Empty containers

Whether made of steel or plastic, a paint container is 100% recyclable.

Once completely empty, bring it to one of our drop-off points for proper recycling!

Is there any paint left in your container?

A container of paint in which paint remains, even if it is only a quarter of paint, is not considered empty. So leave the paint in its original container with the label and take it to one of our partners (hardware stores, ecocentres and municipal garages).