Here are a few tips:

  • Empty containers, whether steel or plastic, are recyclable. To find out where they should be returned and how they should be disposed of, consult the section RECYCLE – Empty containers.

  • Only buy the quantity of coating required for your projects.

  • Applying a second coat is a good way to use leftover paint and gives better results.

  • Give your leftover paint to someone who needs it, like a neighbour, a friend, etc. However, make sure that the coating product is in its original container and that the label is intact.

  • Did it cross your mind to give your leftover paint to a non-profit organization prior to disposing of it?

  • Should you decide to store your paint containers for a certain period of time once your paint project is over, make sure your containers are properly closed and turn them upside down, thus avoiding the formation of a skin on the surface of the paint.

  • Do not spread the residues on the ground and do not dispose of them in the sewers or in the drainpipes, as they could contaminate the water table.

  • Reuse paint thinners once they have settled.

  • Contact your municipality to find out when and where the collection of household hazardous wastes (HHW) will take place, or click here to find out where the drop-off point nearest to you is located.