Éco-Peinture Is a Pioneer in Paint Recovery 

Éco-Peinture is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote and facilitate the recovery of paint residues and its containers, to support and encourage the recycling of recovered paint and to contribute to waste reclamation. 

Every year, Éco-Peinture implements strategies to inform and educate the population so that the recovery of leftover paint and empty paint containers becomes a habit for consumers.

Implemented by Éco-Peinture in 2001, the paint recovery program reflects Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a corporate philosophy that consists of monitoring the life cycle of its product, from the development stage until final disposal. Éco-Peinture manages its system exclusively through a fee collected on each paint container sold in Quebec, which is included in the sale price. According to the agreement between Éco-Peinture and RECYC-QUEBEC, the organization that provides the framework for its activities, the organization is required to recover and reclaim 75% of paint discarded every year in the province of Quebec and 45% of paint containers marketed in 2014.