What Is Waste Paint?

Paint is considered waste paint when a consumer decides that the leftover paint no longer serves a purpose and it must discarded. In other words, waste paint essentially represents an excess quantity of architectural paint that was purchased for a project. It is not a used product, but part of the original product that was not used.

How do I discard old paint containers?

It is very important not to discard leftover paint with household waste or in the sink, as it is proven that paint is a major source of pollution of the ground water table. Éco-Peinture recommends that the paint be kept in its original container because this step is essential for recycling the product. To dispose of it, drop it off at a retail outlet that participates in our program or at a site designated by the municipality, or dispose of it at the time of a municipal collection of household hazardous waste (HHW).

Is disposing of old paint containers worth it?

Through the waste paint recovery process, Éco-Peinture and its members have initiated a new sector of economic activity that has contributed to diverting several tens of thousands of tons of paint and paint containers from disposal sites since it was implemented in 2001. Today, approximately 100 jobs are directly related to this activity.

How many collection points dedicated to leftover paint are there in Quebec?

We continue to improve the operational efficiency of the waste materials recovery program. At the end of 2013, there were about 1,200 drop-off points.


Are there any other collection points in Montreal?

In 2007, we concluded an agreement with the department responsible for sustainable development and economic development of the City of Montreal, which consists of the recovery of paint waste for the seven écocentres in Montreal.