More than 500 retailers at the centre of our network

The retailers partnership is made of 529 retailers of hardware, building materials and home renovation products and paint and decorating stores. They represent a significant portion of our network by providing architectural paint consumers a simple, effective and free solution to dispose of their leftover paints and paint containers. Alone, they recover close to 40% of all paint intended for recycling.

The first retailers to join the paint recovery program where RONA, Réno-Dépôt, Coop Fédérée and Matériaux à bas prix. Today, we can count on the cooperation of most companies working in the hardware and renovation sector.

Our Retail Partners

  • RONA
  • Canac
  • Bétonel
  • Canadian Tire
  • Castle
  • Home Hardware
  • Réno Dépôt
  • Patrick Morin
  • BMR

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