Are All Types of Paint Accepted in the Paint Recovery Program?

The answer is NO. Products accepted by our program are architectural paints and products that may be associated with them, as well as containers. Architectural paint is used by most people for their residential or commercial renovation projects and in the construction sector. It is generally applied on indoor and outdoor structures such as walls, ceilings, floors and patios of houses, apartments, office buildings, etc. It is accessible to consumers and found over-the-counter in most retail hardware and paint and decorating stores in Quebec. It can be water-based or latex and alkyd paints, metal or melamine paints, and varnishes or stains. 

Consequently, the Éco-Peinture program is not meant for paints designed for artistic or industrial purposes, automotive coating, etc.

See the list of products that are accepted by our program.

Disposing of Leftovers in an Eco-friendly Manner is Easy!

First of all, make sure you keep the paint in its original container. This rule is important to be able to identify all the leftover paints components. Then you just have to bring your containers to one of our drop-off points nearest to your home. To find a location, use our drop-off locator

Your paint container is empty? For more information, see the empty containers page.

What Exactly Happens After I Bring My Leftovers to a Drop-off Point?

Once you have dropped off your leftover paints at a drop-off point, they are stored in the bins made to ensure the recovery of paints we provide to our partners. It is then the responsibility of Éco-Peinture to see that the containers are dispatched from the various drop-off points (municipalities, retailers) to the location where the products are recycled, Laurentide re-sources inc. in Victoriaville. This factory sorts, filters, and reuses leftover paints to make and market new recycled paint.