Laurentide re-sources inc. proceeds with the conditioning of paint residues that are transported to the Victoriaville recycling plant. Taking into consideration remarketing requirements, paint, stain and varnish leftovers are first sorted into categories and grouped together to conform to certain criteria.

Materials that cannot be processed, such as adhesives, strippers and cement are removed from the sorting line and are shipped to companies that specialize in eliminating them.

The recoverable paint is separated by colours and homogenized in large vats equipped with mixers. Additives are added to neutralize bacteria and control viscosity. Finally, the paint is filtered to obtain a quality product. Samples are taken and analyzed as a last quality control test prior to marketing the product.

The processing plant in Victoriaville resells nearly 60% of the collected waste as recycled paint or raw materials ready to be mixed with new processed materials. Metal and plastics originating from paint containers are compressed, bundled and sold as recyclable materials.

Sold under the Boomerang brand name, the paint is available in containers of various sizes—from 3.78-litre to 1,000–litre size containers. The quality of this paint is equivalent to paint of average quality sold in Quebec. This highly effective product is offered at a very advantageous price.