Are You a Citizen? Then You Play a Very Important Role in Paint Recovery.

Without you, where most leftover paint originates, the operation of recovery, recycling and reclaiming paint residues in Quebec would be impossible. Presently, because of the collaboration of our many partners, there are close to 1,200 drop-off points across Quebec that are opened to the public to collect your leftover architectural paints. 

You are the leading partners and the ones responsible for the smooth operation of the paint recycling industry.Not only do you have the raw material, you also have to make it your duty to dispose of leftover paints in an eco-friendly manner using the drop-off points that are at your disposal.

Éco-Peinture has been directing its communications to consumers for several years, informing them that the first step when buying paint is to carefully determine the quantities that are required, and to buy only the quantity of paint that is needed so that residual material is kept to a minimum. 

To calculate how much paint you need before starting your project, use our Calculator.