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What is the purpose of the Eco-Peinture recovery network?

Since the inception of our organization in 2001, we have helped individuals and businesses recycle over 92 million kilograms of paint and empty containers.

As a citizen, how can I get rid of old paint containers?

To get rid of them, simply drop off your containers in one of our 1200 drop-off points in Quebec. But most of all, do not dispose of leftover paint in the sink or in the same way you would with household waste, as it is known that paint is a significant source of groundwater pollution.

Locate the nearest drop-off point here

As a citizen, what is the limit of paint containers I can bring back to a drop-off point?

If you choose to go to a municipal drop-off point, you will need to contact them to know the current policy regarding the maximum number of containers allowed. Some municipalities set a reasonable limit while others have none.

As for drop-off points at paint retailers, they usually accept a dozen containers. If you have more, you will want to call the store and find out the maximum number allowed before you go.

As a company, how can we dispose of our paint waste?

Our program includes a free-of-charge collection system for companies working in the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors that want to recycle their paint waste in an eco-responsible way. You can check the list of accepted products to ensure that your products can be recycled through our program.

If your products qualify, we can offer bin rental or pick up service for large volumes of paint. Please contact us by phone at (819)-840-6229, or fill out the this form for more information.

Which products are accepted and rejected by your program?

Accepted products are architectural paints. This type of paint is used by most people for their residential renovation work (e.g. latex, alkyd, metal, oil, melamine, etc.).

Refused products are grouped into 5 categories: industrial paints, automotive paints, paint-related products (paint strippers, solvents and thinners), paints for specialized use and other products that do not belong to any paint family.

See the list of accepted products for more details.

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