Accepted Products

Although your business services require the use of paint, they might not be accepted by the paint recovery program.

Commercial projects often require the use of industrial or commercial customer-specific products. Paint used solely for industrial and automotive uses are examples of a category of products that cannot be recovered through our network, as they are not accepted by the paint recovery program.

Products That Are Not Accepted are Grouped into 5 Categories 

Paints for industrial use, automotive paints, products used with paints (removers, thinners and diluents), paints for special use and other products that do not belong to any category of paint.

Consult the list below to make sure your leftovers are products we accept

Accepted products and paints :

  • Primers
  • Latex, water-based paints
  • Alkyd, solvent-based, enamel paints
  • Paints for metals and anti-corrosive paints
  • Aluminum paints
  • Melamine paints
  • Interior and exterior liquid stains
  • Wood finishes and masonry protectors
  • Protective driveway sealers and restorers water-based only
  • Varnishes
  • Shellacs
  • Pool paints
  • Marine paints without antifouling agent
  • Oil protective finishes ex. Teak oil
  • Aerosol paints for general purpose
  • Aerosol paints for industrial use
  • Aerosol paints for automotive
  • Aerosol paints for artistic purpose
  • Aerosol paints for lumber marking
  • Empty paint containers
  • Empty paint aerosols

Refused products and paints :

  • Industrial primers
  • Latex, water-based industrial paints except for the aerosols (paints intended for industrial use are used by professionals, in manufacturing process, inside plants or paint workshops such as car dealers, bodyshops and garages)
  • Alkyd, solvent-based, enamel industrial paints
  • Dry fall paints
  • Traffic paints
  • Automotive paints and products (except aerosol paints)
  • Removers, thinners and diluents
  • Two-component paints and coatings
  • Artist paints (all types of paint used in art except aerosol paints)
  • Antifouling paints
  • Wood preservatives containing pesticides
  • Grouts, plasters, cement, patching compounds, plastic wood and cladding products ex. Stucco
  • Adhesives and glue
  • Roofing products
  • Founding coatings, crack fillers and asphalt-based and coal tar sealers
  • Cleaners
  • Polishes (ex. lemon oil)
  • All products that are not in their original containers or that do not have a label
  • Paint in glass containers

Accepted container sizes :

Containers of 100 ml up to 50 liters

**All recycled products must be in their original container.