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Éco-Peinture can help your company to dispose of its leftover paints in an appropriate and responsible manner. Several solutions are offered to you but first, you have to check some informations.

Are your leftovers accepted?

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It is very important that you first make sure your leftover paints and products are accepted by the Paint Recovery Program.

How to Dispose of Leftovers?

Your products are listed in the paints and products we accept?
Here are your options:

Your Paint provider

Ask your paint provider if he is an authorized Éco-Peinture drop-off point. If this is the case and your quantities are reasonable, he will accept to take back your leftover paints and empty containers.

Your Municipality

Contact your municipality. Some ecocentres will allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to use their services.

Montreal area

You live in Montreal area and you have a large amount of leftover paint? A drop-off point opened specifically for your sector offers you the possibility to dispose of your leftover paints that are accepted by our program. You must contact us first to obtain an authorization number.

Contact us

None of these options suit your situation? Please contact us so we can evaluate the solutions that are available to you.

Your Products Are Not Accepted by Our Program?

Your responsibility as a company is to make sure your industrial residual materials are managed in an appropriate manner, to respect the environment and meet the growing policies and regulatory requirements. 

There are several companies that offer an environmental management of hazardous waste service for the treatment and safe disposal of your products.

Here is some examples of enterprises you can contact:

ChemTECH Environnement

Clean Harbors

Cri Environnement

Safety Kleen